The passion behind this annual event comes from a local Mother of a child who accesses services at the Kootenay Child Development Centre.  We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Michelle Shemilt-Doll and her family for the support they have given to us to see this event come to fruition.  Michelle shares with us her story:

My son was diagnosed with severe asthma at 6 months old and unfortunately will never grow out of it. He takes 2 cortical steroids (as well as other medication) daily for his lungs to function at about a 75% rate. My husband and I spent a year documenting our expenses to see how much we were having to spend on travel to Calgary Children’s Hospital and on medication and we averaged about $1,000 a month. Thankfully my husband has a decent job and I work for myself, so we could afford these kind of costs. The more we went along and the more Moms I spoke to about our situation, the more families I found out about in our community with similar medical expenses but they were having to make a choice of either medication or food for their family or paying their rent and so forth. As a parent this is a choice I don’t think I could ever make. And with this knowledge I knew I had to help this community that has been so good to my family, I had to give back.

Michelle’s goal for the Kootenay Child Development Centre is to raise $10,000 from the Tee Off for Kootenay Kids Golf Tournament that will help assist families and children of the Kootenays with growing medical and financial issues.  Thank you Michelle for your passion and dedication to the children and families of the Kootenays!

The Kootenay Child Development Centre (KCDC) is a new centre where parents anfront of buildingd professionals can access child development services for children birth to 19 years of age; a centre that coordinates a team of 20 regional child development services.  Without proper medical care and attention, families (with children that may be at risk developmentally) were being forced to travel long distances or relocate to other areas of the province where their healthcare needs could be met. However, Community Connections Society of Southeast BC recognized this need and the dream for a Child Development Centre in our region soon became a reality on April 2nd, 2012.